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“Luxury High Rise” HVAC Experts

We have years of experience working directly with contractors and construction companies for both new construction and renovation projects. We are familiar with a wide range of HVAC Systems Solutions and our knowledgeable representatives are fully trained to help you identify which solutions will work best for your specific building and its anticipated uses. Our HVAC Systems Solutions have been implemented in condos and apartment complexes of all sizes, and we have designed commercial solutions for stores, shopping centers, hospital facilities, data centers, industrial complexes, office buildings, and educational institutions.

Our designers are well-versed in HVAC Systems technologies, so they can easily create innovative HVAC design solutions that use the highest-quality materials pieced together with precision engineering. This lets us optimize your HVAC design solution in terms of energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. During implementation, we do everything possible to stay within the promised budget and timeframe, because we understand the chaos that can be created by cost overruns and delays. With Milestone Mechanical services, you can rest assured that our HVAC Systems solution will never hold back the rest of your construction or renovation project.

We provide a wide range of services. Here is a list of some of our most popular offerings:

  • Installation of rooftop units
  • Installation of split systems
  • Installation of Air Cooled & Water Cooled Units
  • VAV Systems
  • City Multi
  • Ductless Splits
  • Leibert Computer Systems

If the service you’re interested in isn’t listed here, just give us a call so that we can create a customized solution that speaks directly to your needs. We will bend over backwards to make sure that our solution meets your needs and that our service leaves you astounded, changing your impression of the HVAC Service industry for the better.

Milestone Mechanical has state of the art facilities. We can produce duct to meet large commercial installation requirements, with the shortest turn around.

The sheet metal ductwork, which is custom fabricated for each project, is manufactured in our 7,000 square foot sheet metal fabrication facility. All duct fittings are cut on an integrated plasma cutting system to ensure perfection.

Our automated coil line can produce a 5 foot length of duct in under a minute.

This enables us to produce 30 story riser duct shafts in about an hour – that’s one hour!

All of the forming machines are updated on a continuous basis in order to stay with technological advances.

Life Cycle Estimation

We believe helping you understand the condition of your systems helps you make sound capital planning decisions. When systems begin to approach the end of their useful life cycle, having the right information helps you avoid costly surprises. MSI identifies signs of age, provides estimated remaining life and provides budget support for capital planning.