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A maintenance agreement with Milestone Mechanical is your first step toward controlling costs. Old run down units or units that aren’t taken care of properly just end up wasting energy, costing more to operate, and increase your carbon footprint.
Let Milestone Mechanical develop and implement a comprehensive preventive maintenance program tailored to your home or business needs.
We analyze your systems, recommend corrections and implement cost saving measures. Then we customize a program to keep it all working together. Contact us today for an evaluation.


  • Minimize unexpected and costly down time
  • Keep equipment well maintained & lasting longer
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Improve over all air quality and wellness

PM agreements include:

  • Check & secure electrical connections
  • Check & adjust refrigerant pressures
  • Check fittings for refrigerant or oil leaks
  • Check & clean evaporators & condensors
  • Check and replace dirty filters
  • Check heat exchanger for dangerous craks
  • Check blower motors & oil
  • Check belts & replace (no or)

Equipment Assessments Include:

  • Assessment of existing equipment
  • Recommendations for adjustments
  • Quote for any needed equipment
  • Time and cost sensitive plan of action


Scheduled maintenance programs with specific frequencies and tasking to fit your particular application.
We offer free estimates on service agreements new installations and equipment replacement.By using our service agreement you will benefit by lowering utility bills, extending equipment life, fewer repair breakdowns, improving systems reliability, increasing heating and cooling capacity.